You can RISE above gambling and other addictions! 


Some of the life’s greatest milestones are threatened by problem gambling and other addictive behaviors. Addiction affects not only the addicted person, but the entire family and can cause a tremendous amount of wreckage and problems in all areas of life for everyone in the family.

RISE believes in the power of family recovery, and is passionate about providing help for both the individual and the family members. We aim to provide compassionate quality treatment for you and your loved ones on the journey to recovery and healing.Recovery starts with you.



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Inclusive and affordable addiction care for everyone.

Our therapist empowers those struggling any addiction or mental health issue become healthier, happier, and more confident.

Customized Care

Overcome addictive traits based on your personality. Depending on the personal needs and desires of each person. Our team will push you hard to reach your goals. The length of time for therapy can range from short term to more longer term just depending on the personal needs and desires of the client.

Professional Guidance

Caring and Qualified staff incorporate a Holistic Approach to treatment, integrating therapeutic treatment modalities such as Jungian, Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral, Person Centered Therapy, and empirical research in the 12-Step Models of Recovery.  Mindfulness, meditation, and other alternative treatment approaches may also be utilized in the program. Emphasis is placed on the individual as a “whole person”, recognizing the inter-connectedness of the mind, body, and soul.

Balance & Flexibility

RISE offers weekly Individual, Family, and Group Therapy sessions – based on the current needs of the client. This also allows for a maintenance program or step down, for those who wish to continue their sessions less frequently such as 1-2 sessions per month.


Drawing on the latest in mental science and addiction coaching, our therapy sessions incorporate a balanced range of activities.

Meet Sydney Smith:

Sydney has worked in the mental health industry for over 15 years and in that time has helped everyone from professional athletes to recovering gambling addicts. Her philosophy is built on respect for mental balance and a committed work ethic.

  • “This program is not for the nay sayers, and those not ready to do the work. The reward of using your “Toolbox” is beyond belief, and will open you to many wonderful new beginnings.”

    - Martin

  • “One is meant to hate one‘s therapist, the same way that one hates all things that are hard to achieve, but good for one‘s well-being. Having whipped my mental health into a state of true happiness and recovery, I feel the utmost hate and love for Sydney Smith.”

    - Ulf B

  • “They responded to my initial questions with enthusiasm and care. My experience in therapy was invaluable for my personal growth and wellness.”

    - Will

Affordable Therapy

*Most Private Insurance Accepted. If you or family member of someone suffers from a gambling problem you may qualify for a state funded counseling at no costs. Call 702-476-9700 For More Information.*

Does RISE provide services that are not related to addiction?

Yes, The RISE Team is dually licensed which mean we work with those dealing with other issues such as depression, anxiety, or just daily life issues. One doesn’t have to have an addiction to benefit from our program or counseling services.

Is Rise Center For Recovery Right For Me?

We would love to believe so! Our program is uniquely individualized for each person. We offer several levels of care and different types of services. Contact us to find out which one may be right for you.

Does Rise offer discount?

Special counseling packages are available and purchased at a discount rate with no expiration date to be used at your convenience.

Does Rise Center For Recovery Offer Group Therapy?

Yes, we offer specialized group therapy sessions for those wanting to engage with others going through similar situations. We have group therapy sessions for substance abuse and gambling issues as well as groups specifically for family members.

We believe you can RISE above any addiction!

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    We understand that every person and life circumstances can be different. Our programs are individualized to meet the specific needs of each person. RISE offers multiple levels of care and types of services, to ensure the best quality of care is given.

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